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Welcome to the Productivity Club - The Productivity Parlor!

Come on in, take a Seat and set up your workstation!
This is officially your Space and opportunity now to sink into the depths of focus and find flow-state, despite the many clickable wonders goSupermodel and its community has to offer.

We all know what we are putting aside to relive our childhood memories.

But to make this sustainable we must not forget that we also chose to invest effort and time into other areas of our life: our career or maybe our studies. And especially for those of us, who work or study using their digital devices, this can propose a major challenge!

So i have decided to create a bit of a space for exactly the effort to balance this out :)

If you'd like to take part, feel free to join the Club! *2love*
And we will see you on the other side *I**star*